Doing our best?

Doing our best?

"Always do the best you can, even if you have to rest a few moments" says Mrs. Kong, advice passed onto her by her parents.  If I see Mrs. Kong on my walk to work, its always a pleasure to stop and say hello. Her dad grew up in Victoria, born to parents who came from southern China and reared 10 children in their new country. Her parents worked hard and learned the new language, even if caused embarrassment at times, especially to her mum who struggled more than her dad with the strange English words. Eventually, their efforts, along with kind mentorship of her dad's employer, enabled Mr. Kong to open his own tailor shop and to mentor others on their journey. 

I don't know all of Mrs. Kong's story, just the odd piece of information in passing conversations. For example she has a son Michael, which makes it easier for her to remember my name and that gardening is her passion. She is nearly 90 years of age, but out every day, tidying her front garden rain or shine, staying active and staying healthy in the process.

Doing our best is a multifaceted challenge. It takes preparation, both physical and metal, at least for me, with so many distractions. Yes, this includes getting good rest and nutrition, having clarity of task, and perhaps the right tools (including gear or clothing). But as I reflected on this, I also pondered doing our best at what?

Years ago, we created the BASE Wellness Program™. It included 10 questions with check box answer options that covered not so good, good and great. There were questions about food quality and portion, water consumption, exercise questions, sleep, prayer or meditation and a question, "Did I give my best energy to my most important relationship?"

As I consider giving my best, I reflect on Mrs. Kong's generational advice. I can't do my best in everything. But perhaps the place to start, is on my most important relationship. As we enter spring, perhaps you are already giving your best to your most important relationships (plural noted). They could be God, your spouse, your children or someone you are caring for, or as an employer, your employees. But if not, why not give this some thought today? Are you giving your best to your most important relationships? Perhaps distractions have gotten in the way, chasing a business or career goal or perhaps a fitness goal.

To do our best, for our best, good health is obviously important. So are well ordered priorities. Thank you Mrs. Kong for your reminder, always do our best, even if we need to take a little rest.