Questions about SierraSilā€™s natural joint relief products? Read through our FAQs and learn about recommended dosage and intake.

Who should take SierraSil?

SierraSilĀ® is recommended for ā€“ adults desiring joint support; seniors seeking to maintain independence through support for joint function; active people and athletes wanting to increase workout intensity.

I need joint support - will SierraSil work for me?

Clinical and anecdotal evidence confirms that most SierraSilĀ® users feel better reasonably quickly. SierraSilĀ® products are authorized by Health Canada for their safety, efficacy, and quality in relieving joint pain, and we support this with our satisfaction guarantee.

What SierraSil product is the right one for me?

Click here for our flowchart on how to find the SierraSil product that is right for you based on how often you take medications and what benefits youā€™re seeking.

What is the recommended dosage of SierraSil?

Take 3 capsules once daily with water on an empty stomach (one hour before or after a meal). Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day to support the multiple benefits of SierraSil Joint Formula14ā„¢. Take medications and supplements 4 hours before or after SierraSil Joint Formula14ā„¢.

From what I understand SierraSil Joint Formula 14 works best when taken away from food. How is Joint Formula Curcumin different?

The Joint Formula Curcumin formula has half a dose of the SierraSil mineral complex with a full dose of Meriva Curcumin. Curcumin is the natural active ingredient in the spice turmeric, and Curcumin works best with food. In addition to reducing joint aches and stiffness, Joint Formula Curcumin contains healthy antioxidants and calms inflammation. In Joint Formula Curcumin, the health benefits will come from the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, hence the need for it to be away from food is less important.

For best results with Joint Formula Curcumin, the product should be taken with food (1 capsule 3 times a day right after a meal) as curcumin is lipid soluble and requires fats to get absorbed into the system.

What is a hydrothermal mineral complex?

SierraSil is a unique mineral complex sourced from a mineral deposit, an alteration of a volcanic tuffaceous rock as a result of warm acid fluids which came from significant depths to the surface along fractures in the parent tuffaceous rock millions of years ago.

What is the active ingredient?

The active ingredient in Joint Formula 14 is SierraSil, a clay-mineral complex sourced from a deposit in the Sierra Mountains backed by extensive clinical research for both safety and efficacy which has even earned the mineral two patents as a nutritional supplement. SierraSil Joint Formula14 contains a variety of minerals, however, when examining the mineral content of SierraSil, it is important to consider that only minute quantities of each constituent mineral are actually released into the body upon ingestion. Therefore, Joint Formula14 cannot be considered a significant source of dietary minerals as the majority of the minerals in SierraSil JF14 remain in the clay matrix and pass through the body unabsorbed..

Do I have to take SierraSil Joint Formula14 on an empty stomach?

It is very important to take SierraSilĀ® away from critical medications. This is due to the risk that SierraSil might bind with these medications causing them to pass through your body unabsorbed. SierraSil may be taken with other supplements. We have tested this finding that SierraSil does not materially affect the active ingredients in glucosamine, curcumin, or fruit extracts. However, SierraSil has NOT yet been tested with medications, hence the warning.

SierraSil has also been tested in clinical studies with and away from meals, as well as in divided doses and a once per day use. Based on these studies, SierraSil is likely to be effective regardless of how it is used, if used at 2 grams per day in a ā€˜normalā€™ sized body. However, we have found best results when used once per day, away from food, hence our recommended use to take 3 capsules once daily on an empty stomach, and to drink plenty of water.

Why do you recommend increasing water intake?

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day keeps you hydrated and will complement the benefits of SierraSilĀ®. It is important to keep your body hydrated to ensure cardiovascular health and promote the gentle detoxification properties of SierraSilĀ®.* This will result in better absorption of vital nutrients.

Drinking sufficient water is a must with a mineral complex like SierraSil as it has absorptive properties and thus requires enough water is in the system to allow it to move freely through the GI tract. To increase fluid intake, options besides water include drinking natural, non-sugary green or herbal teas.

Will SierraSil have any interactions with my medication?

SierraSil does not have any specific interactions with medication, however due to the chelating benefits of SierraSil, with an abundance of caution we recommend taking SierraSil 4 hours away from medication as it may absorb the active drug in the inner layer. Thus it is very important for SierraSil users to follow the dosage guidelines and directions of use on the product label to ensure the effectiveness of both SierraSil and any concurrent medications or supplements.

Weā€™ve recently launched a 2 year research study with UBCā€™s Food Science department to further look at interactions with medication. For information on past and current research, visit our clinical support page.

When will I start to enjoy the benefits of SierraSil?

Our clinical research shows that people using SierraSilĀ® can start to feel better anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. It is important to note that the minerals in SierraSilĀ® start to work in the first 2 hours after taking your daily serving. For some individuals it may take longer than the first bottle.

Should I continue to take other joint care products?

That is up to you. Some joint care supplements provide ingredients a healthy body already makes and therefore may not be necessary; others may complement the benefits of SierraSilĀ®. Most consumers find SierraSilĀ® provides a sufficient level of benefits that they do not need to take other joint care products. That said SierraSilĀ® alone is not a substitute for healthy living.

To compliment SierraSilĀ®ā€™s effectiveness we recommend a diet of wholesome foods, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and essential fatty acids. Avoid or reduce highly processed foods. Healthy lifestyle choices include regular exercise, a full nightā€™s rest and reduced stress.

Is SierrSil vegetarian or imported from another country?

SierraSilĀ® is 100% vegetarian and vegan compatible, and all capsules are VegiCapsā„¢. SierraSilĀ® contains no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, corn, flavoring or preservatives. The SierraSilĀ® ingredient is BC Kosher certified. The SierraSilĀ® mineral powder is sourced and bottled in America.

Is SierraSil beneficial for athletes?

Yes, athletes benefit from SierraSilĀ® in a number of ways. SierraSilĀ® supports joint function, allowing for increased stamina and endurance.* SierraSilĀ® also supports healthy cartilage*. In general SierraSilĀ® promotes feelings of well-being.* SierraSilĀ® gives you what you need to enjoy the activities you love, even high intensity exercises.

For professional and highly athletic people, we recommend taking SierraSilĀ® 1 to 3 hours before the activity to aid in endurance and recovery.* SierraSilĀ® should be taken on an empty stomach with only water. Please review the complete dosage guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of SierraSilĀ®.

How many Leaps and Bounds dog chews should I give my dog?

It is recommended for best results to feed the chews daily and make sure the pet has plenty of water to drink. The recommended weight dependent dosage is as follows:

Up to 20 lbs 1 chew daily to small dogs
21 lbs - 50 lbs 2 chews daily to medium dogs
51 lbs - 80 lbs 3 chews daily to big dogs
over 80 lbs 4 chews daily to very large dogs

What are the shipping costs for orders?

We offer free shipping on all Canadian orders over $40.00. A shipping charge of $10.99 will apply to orders less than $40.00.

For International orders, a shipping charge of $20.00 will apply to all orders without a tracking number. If you want to include a tracking number, a shipping charge of $60.00 will apply.


How do I return a product purchased directly from SierraSil Health Inc.?

We want you to be satisfied. If you tried our product for the recommended use and are not satisfied with the results, please contact us within 60 days of purchase. We will send you a return form to complete, and the refund will be processed when we receive it back with your proof of purchase. A full product refund will be honoured.

Please contact SierraSil customer service before sending any product or receipts for a refund. Refunds and/or exchanges will only be granted for 1 product. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-877-743-7720 and someone from our Customer Service team can help you.

I purchased from a retail store and I am unhappy, will SierraSil process my refund?

We have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you tried our product for the recommended use and are not satisfied with the results you can take it back to the store you originally purchased from. SierraSil cannot guarantee third party sellers will honour this refund policy. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-877-743-7720 and someone from our Customer Service team can help you.