Don K. - New Westminster, BC*

I have had chronic knee problems since injuring it as a teen. After running the sun Run a few years ago the discomfort in my knee increased significantly. Since then I have tried all the supplements for joints on the market with NO results. I felt like I was only throwing my money away.

After listening to a commercial on the radio I decided to give SierraSil a try. 2 weeks isn’t that long to wait. I will be honest. I wasn’t expecting much if anything at all. I was surprised to find that after about 10 days I actually started noticing a difference. Shocked actually! A supplement that does what it says? How about that?

Anyways, I am now a regular user of Joint Formula 14 and will continue to use it as my knee does not act up like it did before I started with it. And that is good enough for me.