Erin Davis, North Saanich BC

I know I'm a product spokesperson and I truly DO take SierraSil, as do my husband and dog, but I had to share with you a very recent experience that just proves why I love these capsules so. On July 13 we dusted off our bicycles for the first time this season and went for a long ride along roads and trails on a perfect summer day. When I checked Google later, I saw we'd done 30 km - the greatest distance I've ever travelled on a bike - and was dumbfounded. I expected to pay for it the next day, SierraSil or not! Well, what a delight to find that on Saturday and even Sunday there was not a hint of pain or stiffness. I can only thank SierraSil for this - we take them religiously daily - and once again, I'm SO proud to be a spokesperson for this company for its integrity, the quality of its products and, yes, their fine taste in spokesfolks! LOL Sincere thanks again, SierraSil