February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Our Leaps & Bounds soft chews for dogs have become a best-seller online and we have recently refreshed the packaging. Last year we talked a lot about dogs because they are such a huge part of our lives. We want them to live long, healthy lives, and that includes taking care of more than just their joints!

Everyone knows a dog brightens even the rainiest of days. Read through a collection of our favourite feel-good dog stories. From helping others through therapy to being trained or acting instinctively to save lives, dogs continue to show us the meaning of living selflessly. More importantly, they are always up for a good time! Don’t believe every crazy dog story you hear or see, though. We’ve compiled a list of some common dog-related myths.

As we start to long for the warmer months ahead, all of us at SierraSil are looking forward to getting outside. There are a number of great activities that we love to do with our dogs. Some of our favourites include hiking, agility games, and even taking our dogs camping with us!

Before you go camping with your canine companion, though, make sure you’re prepared. A quick trip to the vet beforehand, combined with a doggie first aid kit can prepare you for any number of little mishaps that can occur. Pack your dog’s supplies and ensure they have what they need to enjoy the experience. Better yet, practice sleeping in the tent to help get them used to it. Once you’ve found a pet-friendly campsite, you can be on your way!

If your dog can’t enjoy some of the more rigorous outdoor activities you do, it’s important to care for them in an age-appropriate manner. Elbow dysplasia may be to blame for your dog’s limb discomfort. This is a relatively common issue that can affect dogs of all ages, so we’ve put together a list of things to do and watch out for. Limiting distractions and ensuring your dog’s comfort will help keep even the oldest canine happy. Read our post on what you can do to help them through their senior years here.

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