Fran Ollinger *

I LOVE SierraSil!! I will be 69 years old this year and it has helped me tremendously with my household duties (washing walls, pulling out furniture etc.) gardening, exploring different exercises, I could go on and on. It truly is amazing! I wake up the next morning thinking I will be sooo stiff and sore. Not an ache.I tell everyone when they see me how they ache here and there after doing certain activities, how great your product is and they should try it. My daughter who “runs” almost daily was telling me her knees have started aching when she runs. I suggested she go on line and investigate this product and if she felt comfortable about the product she should give it a try. I gave her a 2 week supply to see ifit would help………….she is a firm believer. Thank you SierraSil. Sincerely, Fran Ollinger