Harlen Lahti, President and Owner, Finlandia Pharmacy and BioMed International*

Dear Michael, As you know, I've been a pharmacist a long time, even before I opened Finlandia in 1972 with a passion to help de-medicalize consumers, especially seniors, due to a growing dependency on prescription and OTC products for maintaining quality of life, irrespective of the potential health risks. That's why, when we learned about SierraSil™ through mutual friends back in 2004, we were pleased to see your commitment to validating the safetv and efficacy of SierraSil through clinical and other research, and for Finlandia to be the first retailer of the product. For most of the time since, I have personally be using SierraSil Joint Formula14 and most recently also trying Joint Formula Active with Meriva™ and SierraSil. In my opinion, SierraSil, the mineral ingredient, doesn't have any peers despite the competing claims of many products. SierraSil is truly unique in its activity and function, even if we don't know fully how it works. Yes, there is evidence of calming inflammation due to age, activity and health conditions, of reducing cartilage breakdown, of binding heavy metals permitting their excretion, and as you have shared with me from recent research, some muscle and sport benefits. But there is likely more to it thari that, so I encourage SierraSil to continue its commitment to research. In time, I think the role of chelating minerals will be better understood by the medical community and population at large. Despite low absorbability, these minerals are essential to optimizing health in diets and environments plagued by less than optimum nutrition and quality, and unfortunately, that is true for most us. Sincerely, Harlen Lahti, Pharmacist President and Owner, Finlandia Pharmacy and BioMed International View Letter