J. Jones*

At first, I was skeptical about tryingJoint Formula 14. The commercials sounded almost “too good to be true”. The walking disability my therapist confirmed was more severe than most. Why not keep an open mind about SierraSil, a natural drug-free product versus corticosteroid injections or surgery followed by extensive physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs to control the pain?

I am afflicted with a very severe case of bursitis (the actual medical term is difficult to pronounce), occasionally aggravated by muscular seizures. I was diagnosed at the age of 11 withanacutediseasewhich rapidly worsened to the point where I could no longer tolerate the weight of the blankets on the bed and was confined to a wheelchair. (While hospitalised, I discovered a creative use for a wheelchair: racing down the hallways with the good-looking guys to drive the head nurse nuts!) I underwent knee surgery shortly after my 15th birthday. Thirty years ago, it seemed to be the only solution. The orthopaedic surgeon informed my mother that I would probably be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my days by the time I was 20. At this point, my mother took matters into her own hands and suggested we thoroughly research my health issues and treat them holistically, without drugs. This was the wisest noninvasive course of action and proved extremely successful until recent traumatic experiences in my personal life lead to my present condition.

It took about three months forJoint Formula 14to start producing amazing results.I have also reduced my weekly therapy sessions to one monthly therapy session. I am walking much better than I ever expected and at times.Even my therapist is impressed! Just imagine what SierraSil can do for others.