Leona H. - Kelowna, BC*

years nowandwehavetoldhundredsofpeople, friends, family and new acquaintances, neighbors etc. about the miracle of SierraSil.

We had a four acre parcel of land which we planted at least 50 trees, landscaped with at least 3 acres of grass and about 20 flower beds and a garden large enough for a family of 10. So we both worked very hard-back breaking work to keep our acreage looking very attractive, and as a result at the end of a day our joints and muscles were very sore. We were both retired at 55 so still young enough to keep it 8 hours a day or so.

We heard about SierraSil on a talk show radio on CHQR with Roy Green and tried it and have taken it since. We noticed if we don't have it for 3 or 4 days, our joints start acting up and getting sore. I normally buy two bottles at a time when they are on sale.

We are both nearing our 70s now and our lifestyle has slowed down a lot, but are still active with friends and family. My husband unfortunately was diagnosed with ALS over 4 years ago, but is still walking, exercising as much as he can and wouldn't think of not taking his 3 SierraSil each and everyday.