Mari N. - Keswick, ON*

My SierraSil started running low but I knew that the pharmacy at the Metro where I work has my name on file to be called for re-orders every six weeks. You guessed it, they didn’t call. When I asked why, they said their supplier does not carry it anymore. I wondered why they couldn’t have called and told me before I ran out and had to experience the awful dicomfort of arthritis. The knees went first because I am a skier and must stand all day. Then the hands and finally my back and neck. This takes about 3-4 days without SierraSil. I was at my wits end with the discomfort until I called the number on my empty SierraSil bottle and spoke to Digesh who was very empathetic and told me I could get 4 bottles for $180. The SierraSil was delivered to my door in 4 days and got me back on track. Now I am taking 2 SierraSil every morning and do all the things I did before, like standing and working without discomfort. Arthritis will always be there and I hope SierraSil will too. Thank you SierraSil.