Robert G. - Winnepeg, MB*

IstartedtakingSierraSil10December2007.Myankleswerehotandstiffandtheskinwasquitedark, within 1 week color normal and not hot, and discomfort diminishing in knees. I also have emphysema even with inhalers my breathing was still heavy and I was gasping and had to take rests in less than a block. By February my breathing has also improved. By summer I could get around pretty good and work in my yard.

Glad that I heard Shell Busey on his Radio show saying how good it is. I also hear Charles Adler on morning show talking about how good SierraSil is.

I also use SierraSil spray on my hips + sometimes on the back or my legs when they tighten and it eases my walking.