Tommy Europe

Tommy Europe SierraSil

Tommy Europe was a professional Canadian Football player defensive back who played eleven seasons in the Canadian Football league.

A graduate of Bishopeโ€™s University, he is the owner of TOMMYEUROPE.TV, an online fitness community that has videos, social networking, E-Books, meal plans and fitness programs and bootcamps. In 2009 he released his Target Training Series of E-Books including SHRED Core & Abs, SHRED Bootcamp, SHRED UpperZone & LowerZone and Booty Shaper! He was voted BEST personal trainer in โ€œThe Georgia Straight" Best of Vancouver readers poll for 2006, 2007, and 2009. He hosted the Slice reality shows The Last 10 pounds and Bulging Brides, working as a personal trainer and fitness coach who helps participants lose weight for an upcoming special event.

Currently, Tommy spends most of his time touring as a motivational speaker and hosting bootcamps in cities across the country and continuing to promote his fitness regime SHRED.