Yes, a blog about the changing of the seasons, but please read on - there is more!

Yes, a blog about the changing of the seasons, but please read on - there is more!

As we experience the onset of fall, there is a little chill in the morning air, dew on the car windshield, the first signs of crisp leaves underfoot and even a little chill on the hands during morning bike commutes. For many, especially students and teachers and some athletes, September is their "new year"; it’s the time for them to set new goals, work on new routines and look forward to what the next twelve months will bring. For my wife Lesley and I, it begins a new season in our lives - empty nesting - as our youngest son left for university on August 28th. And just a week after that, a new season came upon me as my dad passed away at the age of 91. It also marks the last year of my sixth decade! What follows are short reflections on these and then some news about SierraSil’s updated product pricing.

September as a mini-reset.

If you have been thinking about a health goal, why wait until January 1? Consider using the fall to establish and practice new habits that will help prepare for successful New Year's resolutions. It may be as straightforward as trying to adjust your morning routine to find time for stretching. Whatever it is, try committing to the new habit at least twice a week with an eye towards the “main event” starting January 1.

Becoming empty nesters.

It is a big transition that often tests marriages. Richard “Dick” Zokol, a two-time winner on the PGA Tour and Honoured Member of the BC Sports Hall of Fame had this simple advice for me: “Parents need to purposely engage with each other more.” Writing in the Globe & Mail, Kristy Brundage of Kingston, Ontario said that she and her husband have "had many evening meals, in grateful silence, with no need for random conversation" and that she has "come to realize that my work as a mother will always continue; it’s just the details of the job description that have changed. I’m now more of a consultant than a hands-on practitioner."

So as my wife and I enter this new season, I'm mindful of our parenting shifting and proactively engaging more with each other. Whether it’s planning dinner with friends, watching movies or taking trips, it’s important that we continue to grow together.

SierraSil Co-Founder dies at 91.

Sadly my dad, co-founder of SierraSil, passed away last week. In some regards, we were quite close, and in others not so much. Regardless, I know I will miss him and have already reflected on conversations that I wish we had. His list of accomplishments was as long as any arm, but most will remember him as being very polite) and through his work and philanthropy, positively touching many lives. He invested in SierraSil because he felt the minerals could be transformative for many, and of course because he thought the business could prosper. The SierraSil team will continue to seek to fulfill his vision.

As Nicholas McMonagle, Senior Business Development Manager said:

"His hope for SierraSil is that through our minerals, that enabled him to recover his ability to grip and enjoy golf into his late 80s, was to help thousands or perhaps millions of people also enjoy a better quality of life. Despite Peter’s passing, we are eager to fulfill his vision, and thank all of our suppliers and retail partners that are enabling that vision to grow.”

My dad had a challenging last week despite the tender care of the medical staff at Vancouver General Hospital, yet he died peacefully with me by his side as his spirit left his body. I was grateful to be able to recount his peaceful last moments, eyes wide open, focused upward, with my mum, who in May celebrated their 68th anniversary!


Since SierraSil’s launch, we haven’t increased the suggested retail prices of our products. We have even lowered the price on some of our products, or introduced economy-sized packaging, in order to meet our objective of providing great value for you. Therefore, it is with regret that we are raising prices. This change will hit our online store on October 1. The price change already happened at wholesale, so if your favourite retailer is adjusting their SierraSil prices, please be understanding as supply chain costs have risen dramatically in the past 18 months (for pretty much everything)

Finally, just an encouragement that no matter what personal season you find yourself in, guard your health with good decisions on sleep, food, exercise and what you feed your mind and heart with. Thank you for reading, and thank you for being a SierraSil customer.