Zalka - Komoka, ON*

To whom it may concern, this is my testimony. I am writing on behalf of my sister Stoyanka, who lives in Slovenia, Europe.

Last August 2012, she was hospitalized with debilitating, excruciating lower back pain which had been plaguing her for over 20 years. She and her husband work as farmers. The hospital gave her numerous pain killers, including 58 doses of intravenous pain medication in 10 days. Nothing helped or eased the pain. Stoyanka and her husband were invited to a wedding on October 20, 2012; but with the back pain, there was no way they could attend.

I sent her SierraSil Joint Formula 14 and SierraSil Pain Relief Spray in the mail. She received the package in late September 2012. She began taking it, and after 4 days, she felt a little relief. Each day, the pain got less and less, until on day 12, she said “the pain is gone”!

She phoned me and was so emotional; she was crying with joy. She said, “Thank God, I am no longer crucified!”. She thanked me for sending the product and said to please send her thanks to the company. She sends you her “sincere thanks and blessings”. She would also like you to know that on October 20, 2012. She and her husband were able to attend the wedding, and she danced polka! Stoyanka has been sharing this good news with family and friends in Europe.

In closing, on behalf of my sister; I wish to express my heart felt thanks and success in your business.