The Benefits of Exercise on Joint Health

If you suffer from joint pain, exercising can be difficult. Some think exercising increases pain and it’s best to avoid putting any additional pressure on the joints. But the opposite is true. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Exercising can help ease stiffness, improve joint movement, strengthen muscles and maintain bone density. Even slight movements can help pump the blood to the joints, lubricate the joints and strengthen the muscles to protect the joints. When you don’t work out, that is when the pain increases and arthritis worsens. However, keep in mind that prolonged and intense workouts may worsen the pain and inflammation. When implementing a regular exercise regimen, avoid strenuous activity, listen to your body and incorporate light activities. If you are just starting out, aquatic exercises may be a great place to start. Aquatic workouts help relieve pressure of your body’s weight on the affected joints, while providing resistance for your muscles to get stronger. You can even do aquatic exercise if you don't know how to swim. Other light activities may include jogging, walking, light weights and stretching (yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi). If you are uncertain which type of exercise is best for you, consult with your health care provider. How to Stay Motivated When choosing an exercise routine, focus on activities that you find enjoyable. This could include walking to the grocery store, biking in the park or gardening. If you don’t know what you might enjoy, start small and try a variety of activities. If you find it hard to stay motivated, make exercising a social activity. Joining an aquatic fitness program or going for a walk with a friend can motivate you to stick to your exercise routine. Another way to stay motivated is to set realistic goals. Schedule exercise when you are at your highest energy level for 20-30 minutes, 3 times a week. If you are just starting, plan a 10 to 15 minute workout and gradually increase the length of time once you’ve become accustom to your routine. Supplementing for Joint Health Taking health supplements for joint health is just as important as exercising. As you age, joints and muscles are not as resilient and may require more time for recovery post-workout. For your muscles to work efficiently and to replenish the loss of minerals during your work out, certain nutrients are vital. SierraSil, a Kosher certified and active ingredient in SierraSil Joint Formula14, contains minerals in a rich clay structure that eases joint and muscles aches, reduces stiffness and helps prevent cartilage breakdown associate with exercise and movement. Many professional athletes have reported increased performance and decreased recovery times using SierraSil. Other benefits of exercise Exercising has proven mental and emotional benefits from reducing the impact of stress to regulating your sleep patterns to boosting your immune system. Even after a short burst of exercise, you’ll feel more confident and energized. With the right exercise program, you can conquer your joint pain and inflammation one workout at a time. It is never too late to incorporate a little movement in your daily routine for a more thriving and pain free life. By: Justyna Zarzeczny. For more health and wellness articles by Justyna please visit her blog at