Is Joint Inflammation Slowing You Down?

Is Joint Inflammation Slowing You Down?

Is joint inflammation and the associated decreased range of motion slowing you down? Are you finding stairs hard on your knees and hips? Regular exercise leading to chronic pain? SierraSil’s family of products has something for everyone and may be just what you need to naturally regain a more active lifestyle. We are all about helping people get their joints and muscles comfortable, but today, we are writing about getting out of your comfort zone.

Balconies over a few floors, trails with major drop offs, high diving boards are all things that trigger my fear of heights. On a recent holiday in the Rockies, my emotions were racing well before my wife and I hit a trail in Yoho National Park that offers stunning views but also some exposed drop-offs. The trail starts out easily enough, along a lake and then winding up some switchbacks in a forest, before breaking out into the open (a cliff face above on the left and rock fall below on the right). Naturally, as the trail rose so did my concentration level, focusing on the next step or pole plant. "Don't look right or down," I told myself, "just the next step!". It took a lot of energy out of me (besides ascending nearly 200 metres), but it was definitely a good feeling to round the corner and get back into the tree line near the top!

One of the keys to getting out of your comfort zone is taking baby steps! I can assure that until I could see the safety zone for me (at which point I may have bolted for that area), many of my steps on that trail were baby steps. But what's important about getting out of your comfort zone? In some regards, it's pretty simple. It's about dropping a 'T’ and demonstrating to yourself that you CAN do whatever it is versus that you CAN'T do it. See the dropped ‘T’? The website How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone reviews seven steps on how to get out of your comfort zone. I'd even add an eighth: celebrate, even if it's just an internal "Yes, I did that!"

Part of getting out of your comfort zone is about being open to learning, to different perspectives, and challenging yourself as part of a renewal process. That’s not to suggest that you get out of your safety zone, as being safe should be a priority, but getting out of your comfort zone can lead to personal growth and a sense of accomplishment.

Switching themes, (warning!) we don’t usually use our blog for promotion, but just want to reassure you that many leading MDs, including Rheumatologists, Neurosurgeons, SportMed specialists and GPs, strongly believe in SierraSil’s Joint Health Products. Our “flagship product” is SierraSil Joint Formula 14, which features a full dose of our patented mineral complex. The minerals offer relief for aching joints and sore muscles at a level that is seemingly unmatched by other natural products. The extensive research in human clinical trials for safety and effectiveness as well as our personal clinical results have consistently earned their confidence. The research shows that the patented mineral complex from the Sierra mountains reduces chronic inflammation and pain. We are also aware that everyone is different and JF14 isn’t the only benefit that SierraSil can provide. For some, our Joint Formula Curcumin 3 may be the product of choice.

Joint Formula Curcumin 3 combines a ½ dose of the patented SierraSil mineral complex with Meriva Curcumin at a clinical dose to provide strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties for the maintenance of good health. Curcumin (which references curcuminoids) is the natural active ingredient in the rhizome root of the spice turmeric and is clinically proven to have a higher analgesic effect than acetaminophen. SierraSil’s Joint Formula Curcumin3 is an all-natural, vegan supplement that is effective and easy on your digestive system.

Studies have also shown that curcumin can modulate the growth and cellular response of various cell types within the immune system. This promotes the strong overall health of your immune system, as your body maintains the intended level of control. Although found in the turmeric root, curcumin is only found in small quantities there, which is why supplements with high purity and natural absorption-boosting aids are helpful. SierraSil’s Joint Formula Curcumin3 focuses on this active ingredient. Curcumin helps relieve other kinds of inflammation, too. Respiratory problems can often be exasperated by inflammation that constricts the airway and makes breathing more difficult. Chronic inflammation can lead to lung damage, but curcumin works to ease both acute and chronic inflammation and associated pain, which in turn can promote better breathing.

Are you looking for something to help with minor aches and pains right away? Our Pain-Free Topical Spray is a natural alternative that helps your muscles and joints deal with everything from arthritis pain to minor strains and sprains. It uses no binders or artificial ingredients so it is readily absorbed into the skin’s surface right at the source of your discomfort and starts working immediately. Studies have proven that the spray works to both reduce pain and inflammation, and as with all of their products, SierraSil guarantees your satisfaction with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

SierraSil’s products’ mechanisms of actions provide certainty that the products work for most people who try. All of SierraSil’s human products are vegetarian-, vegan- and celiac-friendly and are suitable for most dietary needs, including those of athletes. Thanks to SierraSil, many Canadians are able to live a healthier and more active life. Whether it’s reducing knee pain, or managing achy fingers and wrists, the SierraSil product line helps alleviate arthritic symptoms and allows users to continue to do the activities that they love the most!